Project management in M&A is the solution that allows you to automate project management processes, increase the number of simultaneously running projects and increase the efficiency of employees involved in project activities.

Project Management in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

What is project management in M&A? It’s the alignment of processes, tools, team members, and skills to deliver projects that meet your goals and even exceed your expectations. You and your team are about to take on a massive project. Your job is like lining up a long row of dominoes – it’s great when they stack effectively in a chain, and it’s a shame if something goes wrong just because of one element.

Project management in M&A is always a bold and exciting undertaking. You may be impatient to get down to business. Maybe you’ll cross your fingers for good luck so that everything will work out by itself? Or rub a magic lamp to ask a genie for help? Let us know if this magic works! And yet, in reality, the best recipe for success in working on a large and slightly intimidating project is the ability to effectively manage it.

Projects themselves are an integral part of the real-life of any organization. Each company has its own development strategy and the goals generated by it, which are formed into separate projects. It is important to understand how they differ from day-to-day activities in an organization. Firstly, the fact that each project has its own unique goal and time limits to achieve it. In daily activities, the goal is repetitive, so are deadlines.

The project management is focused on the quality and success of the services provided, so by contacting software you will receive the support of certified specialists who will help you:

    1. assess possible risks and readiness for migration;
    2. select the appropriate parameter of the cloud infrastructure according to the criterion “price/opportunities”;
    3. choose the best way to move to the cloud;
    4. ensure the continuity of services during migration;
    5. improve the reliability and security of the infrastructure.

Why May You Need Project Management for M&A Transactions?

There are certain reasons why you may need a protect management for M&A transactions:

      • Most projects don’t finish on schedule.
      • Deadlines become known when it is no longer possible to fix something.
      • Project documentation is stored in different places, it is difficult to find it, and sometimes it is impossible.
      • The status of the project is known only by its manager; the organization works without analyzing the current state of affairs.
      • Everyone works differently, bringing them into uniformity is a laborious process.

Project management for M&A transactions allows the organization to centrally manage access rights to company documents that are downloaded by employees and external contractors. This solution allows you to revoke access rights, including to those files that were downloaded to the devices of external users. There is a possibility of integration with corporate portals and web services.

The peculiarities of the M&A market lie not only in the dynamics and vector of its development but also in the industry-specific types of transactions, for example, horizontal mergers predominate in the banking sector. The banking market is quite competitive and there are many potential targets for successful acquisitions. As a result, M&A transactions involve not only large systemically important banks, on whose accounts significant assets are concentrated but also smaller regional banks.